Before you buy…

We appreciate your business and of course our objective is to have many people using the MyPrivate software.

However, our first priority is to have happy and satisfied users, and we want to make sure that your expectations are in line with what we offer.

If you have tried the MyPrivate software and you like it, you need to read the notes below prior to purchasing the software.

The notes described below are subject to change and do not represent a contractal obligation.

Commercial conditions

Under the commercial conditions we provide frequent, small updates with minor improvements and problem resolutions for you. You are notified automatically of these updates which are free of charge.

Yearly, a major update is released, which is priced at 25 CHF. A major update includes all updates and problem resolutions released during the year, as well as new functional or technical capabilities.

You are not obliged to upgrade. You can skip upgrades from one year to another, and purchase for example the upgrade after two years, and pay only once the upgrade fee. Note however that new problem resolutions are not retroactively applied to non-current versions.


The software has been designed to run on a single Windows 10 computer, with the product installed on the computer’s hard drive.

Installing the software or database on a networked drive is not supported; while technically possible, there are serious performance and reliability issues related to such a configuration.

MyPrivate is only compatible with Office 365.

Data backup

You are responsible to ensure that you make regular backups of the MyPrivate data. Although the underlying Microsoft Access database technology is higly reliable, you must take care of having at least a weekly, full backup of your data.

We recommend to use the integrated backup facility in MyPrivate, or alternatively, the Windows 10 File History backup function.

Standard support

You can submit inquiries via eMail at no cost, provided you are on the latest version of MyPrivate. We cannot handle inquiries related to malfunctions related to hardware (e.g. scanners), third party components (e.g. NAS accessibility), or non-native Windows platforms (e.g. Mac OSX virtualisation).